Monday, 26 May 2014

Easy Ways to be Happy! (Part two)

Hi Guys! 

So sorry for the long period between my previous post and this one. Well, if I have to find an excuse, I have been busy preparing for the wedding; and my official engagement has just over last week *cheers*. Lol. 
Once again, apologize for not dilligently updating this blog. I will try my best, though! *hop hop*

Back to the topic, what is another easy way to be happy? Note: this is my personal sharing and this what works for me, I hope can be beneficial for you too! Be present. What does this mean? Ask yourself at this moment, where am I, what am I doing, what do I feel right now? Yes. As simple as that. How come this simple stuff can help to make us happier? 

For us (or at least for me), it happens too many times that we are not living in the present moment. You are now sitting on your chair, but you are too busy thinking other past and future stuff. Hey, this included excessively looking at your social media as well! *slapmyself* Do you realize? Looking too much at your social media makes you not enjoying present moment, the real life around you

All your thought of future, past, or somebody's life via social media, will lead you to various emotions or feelings. Worry, anxiety, sad, anger, curious, excited, and so on. This is not wrong. But the idea is to reduce this kind of habit, and be more at the present time. Simple one; when you are eating, stop watching TV or looking at your phone. Just observe what you are doing at the moment; spoon your food, chewing, swallowing, observing what your body doing in every single moment. Treasure the moment. This also applies to many other activities, and can help your body and mind to relax

After you are able to practice on physical activity, then we can move one step higher to our thought. We take a short period of time, everyday, can be as often as possible, asking again. Where am I? What am I doing now? What do I feel at the moment? Just ask, observe, and acknowledge what's your feeling at the current moment. These are the main keys. Do you know, this simple stuff, actually already called a simple meditation. You've already trained your mind by doing this. 

Next question, what are the benefits? You will not be drowned and "killed" by your own feeling, and in the end you will become happier. In example, you are feeling terrible. Dig in more why do you feel so, turns out you feel helpless. Dig deeper, why? You are angry, or upset, or could be just simply feel bored. Then please realize this one thing, any feeling you have at the moment, it too, will pass. Especially for anger, please train yourself to notice when you are angry, this will prevent you from doing things you will regret later

For me myself, I do still feel angry, upset,or sad from time to time. But, the frequency is reduced, and the duration of those negative feelings also become shorter. I become more able to control myself from the unwholesome feelings and thoughts, and here I am easily become more happy and treasure every moment I have. Still a long way to go for a better me, but every step counts!

Long story short, being drowned by the feeling doesn't help you find the solution of your problem. Instead, by acknowledging it, your mind become clear and you become rational enough to find the solution. And again, don't forget the first rule, always be grateful :) 


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