Monday, 30 June 2014

Skin Care Routine Tips for Everyone!

Hi Guys!

Today I would like to share about beauty stuff, one of my interest. 

1. Besides make up, I personally believe that good skin is much more important. How to achieve that? Suitable skincare is the answer. Yes, I prefer to use word "suitable" rather than "good", simply because no matter how good the product is, if it doesn't suit your skin well, hmm it's just nothing!

2. What I'm trying to say is, frankly the best way is to do trial and error (this especially applied for skin care products; while for make up the good news is if it's good ones, most likely it will be good for you too! :) ) But this sounds too risky, right? Yup! That's what beauty bloggers and reviewers are for. By reading those and compare to your own skin condition, you can narrow down the products that worth to try, or worth your money ;) But again, there's no 100% guarantee that you will get the same result as other people. Again, everyone has a different skin condition and needs. 

3. Thus, before trying products (especially if you're newbie) please please please.. Observe and take note of your skin condition! You might be wrong all this time. Yeah, this happened to me also. I always thought that my skin is very oily, acne prone thus I don't need any moisturizer and just use any facial wash for oily skin or acne. But? I was wrong. Now after observing it for some time, I realized that turns out I have sensitive-combination skin. From then, I changed the products I used and I can feel the effect now (in a good way of course)! Again, the key is figuring out what's your skin type and use the right product

4. My mistake last time was, I thought I had a really oily skin, hence:

    a. I always use facial wash for oily skin -> Now I realized that those products do really strip of my skin! As a result, my skin was really dry and naturally it produce more oil from inside to balance it. My skin become oily again, like a never ending cycle. LOL.
    b. I skipped using moisturizer -> BIG mistake. Like what I explained in the previous point, dry skin from inside will produce more oil that what you expected. So, moisturizer is a mustFrom what I have learnt, if you have more towards oily skin, you can use GEL type moisturizer, while if you have dry skin (prone to flakiness and you always feel your face super tight after washing it) you can use CREAM type moisturizer. Normal skin? Lucky you, just find a moisturizer that have a benefit that you want to achieve, i.e: whitening, anti wrinkle, etc.. 

5. SUN BLOCK is a MUST! Really, I have seen a lot of people around me that diligently use sun block since young, their skin is MUCH BETTER compare to the other people in the same age, that never use sunblock. Less wrinkles, less spots, less moles (lol), and younger looking skin of course! If you are not a skin-care-type person, please at least use these 3 crucial things: Suitable face wash, good moisturizer, and sunblock. That's ALL. Nowadays, there are a bunch of good sunblock for skin (not oily and heavy one like last time). You can use those specially formulated for different skin type. 

P.S: All these tips are based on my own observation and experience.. 

I will write on several recommended products that I've been using on another post. Keep updated! 

Lastly, I feel that "Good skin doesn't come miraculously without taking care of it" 

Love your skin, love your life!





  1. kunjungan balik nih. :)
    salam kenal juga ya!

  2. Hihihi thank you buat remindernya untuk jaga kulittt.. :D

    Sejak kelar merit udah mulai meninggalkan perawatan muka. hahaha.. waktu itu saking fokus buat merit tiap kali selalu perawatan wajah sampe ke murad segala.. hehehe.. tapi emang harus balik lagi.. supaya muka keliatan mudaan yah.. hahaha

    1. Hi Pi! Iya bangett, musti dimulai skrg, kalo ga tar nyesel pas tua :( hehe..
      Yang penting si 3 itu aja pi, bersiin muka, pake moisturizer, sama pake SUN BLOCK. hahaha.. Ayo pi rajin lagi biar makin cantikk ;)

    2. Boleh ni Fan review sunblock yg oke.. :D
      Temen gw jg ud bawel ttg flekk... wkwkwk

    3. OK jur.. siap de ntar aku review hehe.. :D