Thursday, 17 April 2014

About me :)

As what I've described in my first post, I am an ordinary girl who's now working in Singapore. I am working in Science field (yes, lucky me I love my job) :). I have a deep interest in spiritual thing, and I focus (and follow) more about what the Buddha has taught. Don't worry, I will share more about practicable daily thing rather than the very difficult ones. But perhaps, sometimes I will share the deeper thought also. Hehe.. I hope what is meaningful and beneficial for me can also benefit this blog readers (if any :p)..

My other interests are make up and beauty stuff like skin care or hair care. I am looking forward to share some tips and products to you! I also like to play badminton, swimming, but I don't like (or hate?) to run. I think my body is not designed to run much. Lol. I hardly feel very tired when I play badminton or swim, but soon after I start running I will feel like fainting. Haha..

Hmm.. what else? Oh, right now I am planning my wedding (hi, lovely fiance! ^^) and I hope all of you can wish this will go smoothly (thanks! :p).. Maybe I will share about this preparations as well (in Jakarta and Singapore) for future considerations of other bride and groom-to be.. Some of my wedding preparation posts will be in Bahasa, but mainly in English, i suppose. I don't know why I feel more comfy to write in English (but please pardon my only daily conversation-level English >.<)..

I will start writing about those topics soon!

Cheers :)

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