Thursday, 17 April 2014

Why doing good matters?

I had a very interesting conversation with my colleagues today, it's about spiritual thought. Well, I always love to indulge in this topics. What is the take home moral from our discussion? I will share it with you guys. 

Do good. It matters. Why? 
First (and the most important thing), it makes you feel happy, joyful, and peaceful. Who doesn't feel good after doing kind thing? It is even better when you do a good thing with full awareness, with a good intention. Sounds complicated? Not really. For example, you give your seat to needy people (pregnant woman, elderly, disabled person), you are aware that they need the seat more than you, and because of that you give it. As simple as that, you need to be aware of your own feeling and your own action. Trust me, it really matters :)

Second, you help to relieve one people's suffering, or at least you make them feel good. Who knows your kind action is the only good thing that happens to them on that day? Who knows your kind action will brighten up their whole day? One kind action per day for everyone, imagine how the world will be? It will be a more cheerful world!

Oh yeah, please note this. Smile more. Smile when you help people, it is like a bonus. Smile from your heart. I really feel happy when I smile often. Think about this, you usually smile when you are happy, right? How about we change it, even if you are not in a super happy mood, smile. Your smile can even change your own mood. It even better for other people to see it. Smile to stranger, smile to people who have eye contact with you. :) 

Well, then came this question from my colleague, common things that happen to most of us. We don't commit crimes, we don't do evil things, but nor we do very good things. It's like "neutral". What is the example? You walk down the street, very tired after work, and you see something drop from one's pocket. You just walk pass by it without any meaningful thought. Yes, like robots. I personally think we are human but often act more like robots. 
Her question is, how is this count? Well, my answer is this. If we spend our life like that, yes we don't seed a bad kamma, but nor we seed a good kamma. So we only now using up all our good kamma saving. Everyone knows, no matter how rich one person is, if he only use up his money without working, one day it will finish. It's the same for this. 

At the end of the day, I just want to say don't waste every single time of your life. Have good thoughts, speak good words, and do good things. Everyone can do good things, no excuse :)

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