Monday, 21 April 2014

Wedding preparation (General)

Okay, I will breathe deeply for three times first.. *inhale.. exhale..* Pheww..
The thing is, the wedding day is pushed forward to this November! Woohoo *panic*.. I will have only 7 months to prepare! At first it's on March next year, but because the church that we want to celebrate at, will be renovated starting January next year, so here we are. Bring it 4 months earlier.

What's the main things that have been decided up to the time I write this?
1. We will celebrate for 3 times, in 3 places.
  • First, Singapore. Holy matrimony, ROM (Registry of Marriage), and lunch reception. This will be held at Orchard Road Presbyterian Church. 
  • 8 days later, we will have a dinner buffet reception at Jakarta, Angke Restaurant. 
  • 7 days after second one, we will have a family table dinner at Medan, restaurant is still to be confirmed. 
2. How many bridesmaid-best men? 3 pairs. I think we gonna have gate crash. Be prepare, groom-to be and best men! *evil grin*

3. Make up artist? Deal with Marcella Widita at Jakarta, and Laura Wijaya at Singapore. 

4. *think hard* Oh no I think the rest is to be confirmed, have not deal with any vendor yet rather than spoken earlier. >.<"

OK I will update to this blog soon. Let's hope I won't be a bridezilla! *Roar* Lol. 



  1. Hai siz fanny, bole tau marketing angkenya siapa? dan angke ketapang or gading? bole kontak ak di thanks

    1. Haloo.. Sorry baru baca.. Aku di angke kelapa gading.. MArketingnya si ko yunus hehe.. :)

  2. Hi fanny... Bole ga ak minta pl ny wearbi untuk wedding gown, mom gown dan bridesmaid.. Ak kepikir mau buat mermaid gown jg... Email ku di thankyouuuu...

    1. Halo.. Aku bukan marketingnya wearbi.. hehe.. coba liat Ig nya aja Wearbi.. tanya sama dia langsung hehe..